UK Passport Validity

There are increasing reports of problems being experienced by travellers due to UK passports not being valid for travel due to confusion over the expiry dates, with a number of travellers being refused boarding at the airport or even turned away at the border.

Since Brexit, the rules for entering the European Union and Schengen States (EU) are now different.

Even if your passport has a validity GREATER than 10 years, the EU will only accept the expiry date BASED upon 10 years from the issue date.

Furthermore, you MUST have 3 months validity remaining on your passport based on your leaving date from the EU, which is calculated on 10 years from date of Issue. i.e. 9 years & 9 months from date of issue.

Example:  UK Passport issued 31st Oct 2013, with expiry date on 31st Dec 2023.

Travelling to EU:
The last date you can leave EU zone would be 31st Jul (31st Oct less 3 months)

Travelling to USA, Canada or Australia:
You can travel up to the full expiry on your passport, as long as you leave before 31st Dec.

Travelling to Rest of the World:
Most other countries generally require 6 months validity remaining, so you would have to leave that country before 30th Jun.  Please do check each countries own entry requirements as they do vary significantly.

Many UK Burgundy passports were issued with additional months validity in them, giving an expiry date greater than 10 years from the date of issue.  Please check both your own passport, and if you are an arranger, your travellers’ passports to see if they need to be reissued.

The processing times and costs are:

  • Standard passport service, up to 10 weeks, online renewal £82.50
  • Fast Track passport service, 1 week, £155
  • Online Premium 3 day service, must book an appointment £193.50
  • Add approx. £11 for a 50 page passport available on all services.

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